Who We Are

Background Of The Organization

Barnamala Education & Cultural Society is a not-for-benefit association situated in Kharagpur Sub-Division, West Bengal. Laid out on thirteenth Walk 2005 and enrolled on eighth August 2005 under West Bengal Society Regd. Act. (1961), the General public works in different areas in Paschim Medinipur Region and numerous other socially and monetarily immature regions in West Bengal. The goal of the General public is to assist the poor individuals with accomplishing and support a superior personal satisfaction and to fortify their contribution, their freedoms and obligation in the quickly developing improvement of the country.

Our Mission

a) Enhanced peopled Participation in the development process.
b) Entact people’s awareness through i.e. (Information Education and
c) Actualize people movement for development.
d) Organize woman around their issues of immanence.
e) Take all appropriate need based programmes of the people, by the people
and for the people.
f) Organise the drug Addiction people for better treatment.

Our Vision

To evolve a pragmatic strategy in ensuring better lives for humanity atlarge.
To inculcate self-building potentials among the poor and marginal.
To encourage peoples’ movement for their emancipation.
To create a direct message for people in participatory development.
To epitomize women a sense of belonging in the mainstream of social life
a) Socio-economic Development.
b) Promote shall scale Industries.
c) Communicating media between Government and mass.
d) Interacting with the various implementing agencies.
e) Human Resource Development.
f) Health, education and culture.
g) Formation of Self Helf Group to promot the social change.

Legal Status

Registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act.1961 Society Regd..No-S/IL/31091 dated- 08/08/2005.Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. 2010 FCRA Regd.No-147040592 dated 26/08/2011.Registration with NGO Darpan of Niti Ayog Govt. of India, Unique Id:- WB/2010/0033883, Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs Regd. No- CSR0000928112A Regd..No:- AACTB7991DE20165, u/s 80G Regd..No. AACTB7991DF20213:, Registered with Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt. of India, Registered with Ministry of Women and Child Development Govt. of India, Registered with Ministry of Culture Govt. of India, Registered with Ministry of Consumer Welfare Govt. of India, Registered with National Commission for Women, Registered with Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

Our Aims

a) To activate the development activities among the people of this vicinity.
b) To develop the surrounding areas both economically and psychologically.
c) To entact formation of socialistic pattern of society.
d) To participate in formation of network of NGO,s.
e) To train & help the people.
f) To eradicate illiteracy, untouchability etc.
g) To grow conception of awareness, participation in activities among the people.
h) To benefit the people properly of their fundamental right.

Our Target

a) People below the poverty line.
b) People of the downtrodden sector.
c) Women from the weaker sector.
d) Destitute.
e) Orphans.
f) People of the Aged etc.
g) People for the Minority Category.

Target Areas

Different backward areas Schedule Caste Scheduled tribes others Backward classes, minority community where a good number of inhabitants living in a distressed condition due to handless poverty, formidable illiteracy vide spread economic stagnation in the state of West Bengal and as well as other areas of the others State of India.

Target Group

Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other backward classes and Minorities Christian, Downtrodden groups with special actress weaker section living mostly in rural & urban areas.